PDAS Compliance Online
“We value that teachers have flexibility to accomplish the training at a pace and time convenient to them and the automatic
documentation that the training has been conducted.”    Richard Waterhouse, Robstown ISD

24/7 Access from Any Computer
Includes Built-In Accountability System

New Teacher Orientation
$35 per teacher
New teachers at your district have a lot on their plates. It’s difficult to take a 6-hour PDAS compliance training while setting up their classroom, first lesson plan, paperwork through HR, their student roster, and more compliance training, etc. New Teacher Orientation makes it easier for both new teachers and administrators.
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Annual Teacher Review
$275 per campus
Training for the PDAS Compliance yearly refresher takes up more than an hour. For administrators, it requires preparing the materials, scheduling, organizing a location, taking attendance, tracking the paperwork, and rescheduling no-shows. The Online PDAS Teacher Review eliminates all of that and gives you back your time.
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Principal Refresher
Free for Texas Principals

This 60 minute engaging online course reviews the PDAS process and timeline, teacher orientation requirements, Teacher Self Reports, Teacher In Need of Assistance (TINA), second appraisals, third party information documentation, and appraiser qualifications.
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Interested In Online Professional Development Beyond PDAS?

Responsive Learning Offers Online Professional Development in STAAR, Gifted & Talented, Special Education, & Common Core.
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